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Andre Berto:Day in the Life - Hard Work

Andre puts in the work and the gym and then enjoys the benefits that come from hard work

Beyond the Ring: Andre Berto Episode Four

Check out the behind the scenes clips of the HBO Ring LIfe shoot and Andre's attempt at boating

HBO Boxing: Andre Berto's Greatest Hits

Andre Berto's Greatest Hits over the last four years

HBO Boxing, A Look Ahead: Berto-Ortiz, Khan-McCloskley

HBO's Commentators, Bob Papa and Roy Jones, Jr., get you ready for Berto-Ortiz on April 16th

Beyond the Ring: Andre Berto Episode Three

Andre takes you behind the scenes at a celebrity basketball game in episode three of his web series

HBO's The Buzz - Andre Berto-Victor Ortiz Press Conference

HBO gets all the latest at the press conference announcing the fight between Adnre Berto and Victor Ortiz to get everyone's thoughts on the showdown

HBO Ring Life - Andre Berto

HBO takes you into the hometown and background of the WBC Welterweight Champion

Andre Berto-Beyond the Ring Episode Two

Check out Episode Two of my new web series Andre Berto-Beyond the Ring and a behind the scenes look at my Everlast photo shoot

YSL Fashion Show

Check out some exclusive video of my boys and I at the Yves Saint Laurent Fashion Show in Miami. Elegance at its finest.

Andre Berto Highlight Reel

An inside look into the career of Andre Berto and his strong fan base of celebrities.

Andre Berto's 2009 Trip to Haiti

Clips from Andre's philanthropic trip to Haiti in March of 2009 with the Carma Foundation

Andre Berto Tribute

A special fan tribute to Andre Berto

Andre Berto: Haiti's Hope

A short tribute to Andre Berto and the Haitian People

Andre Berto at Foot Locker's "On Our Feet" Charity Event

An interview with Andre Berto at Foot Locker's charity event in New York City

Andre Berto Talks Shane Mosley and Ochocinco

The reigning WBC champ talks about his potential fight with Shane Mosley and his thoughts about Chad Ochocinco's desire to face him in the ring.

One-on-one interview with Andre Berto

Andre Berto at the Vitali Klitschko vs. Chris Arreola press conference talking about Floyd Mayweather's recent fight and his own plans for the future

Andre Berto responds to Ochoncinco

Andre Berto talks Mosley and fight possibilities and responds to Ochocinco in August

Andre Berto vs. Luis Collazo

12th Round video from Andre Berto's fight with Luis Collazo on January 17, 2009

Andre Berto vs. Steve Forbes

12th Round video from Andre Berto's first title defense over former World Champion Steve Forbes

Andre Berto vs Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Andre Berto claims the WBC welterweight crown with a victory over Miki Rodriguez

Andre Berto vs. Michael Trabant

Video from Andre Berto's fight with Michael Trabant on HBO

Andre Berto vs. Edgar Galvan

Video from Andre Berto's fight with Edgar Galvan

Andre Berto's interview with Sirius Satellite Radio

Video from Andre's comments on the tragedy in Haiti and how he plans to help